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Sylwia Solak

Student of Faculty of Painting The Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow and Zürcher Hochschule der
Künste in Zürich (scholarship program).


  • Award in XXIII Poster Competition organized by Central Institute for Labour Protection in Poland 2014
  • Award from departmental head team from Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow 2013
  • Grand Prix (Golden palette) XXVI Art. Competition The small montmarte of Bitola, Macedonia 2009
  • Special Award and Award at XIV All-Poland Competition “Twórczość plastyczna inspirowana muzyką dawną”. Kalisz, Poland 2009
  • Grand Prix All-Poland Competition “Zwierzęta w szarości”. Rawicz, Poland 2009
  • International Art Competition “Geste en liberté” theme: „Ombre et lumiere”. Troyes Cedex, France 2009
  • XIII International Exhibition Art Works on theme „WHO I AM” organizer: The World of Art. Cejle, Slovenia 2008

Collective exhibition:

  • "Olśnienia" exhibition connected with the festival of light, Cracow 2015
  • Students exhibition in the gallery of Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, 2015
  • Indvidual exhibition in Foyer ofthe Theater, Cracow 2014
  • International exhibition"Dramat Wolności", Cracow and Częstochowa 2014
  • International exhibition "In Perspective" in POSK, London 2013
  • International Festival of Photography . Rybnik, Poland 2011
  • Student’s Exhibition of Paintings and Graphics. Cracow, Poland 2011
  • International Festival of Photography . Rybnik, Poland 2010
  • International Project “Atre pela Paz” . San Paulo, Brasil 2007